ZeroMarkets Review

ZeroMarkets Review

What is ZeroMarkets?

ZeroMarkets Review: ZeroMarket is the best online broker platform that provides all the trading services such as CFDs, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, etc. The company is founded by ZERO Financial Pty Ltd and regulated by ASIC- Australian Securities and Investment Commission since 2016.

ZeroMarket Forex brokers are typically NDP, STP, and ECN brokers that also provide direct access to the market with high liquidity. Trading is done daily with a maximum trading volume of 10,000 trades per day.

Get Started with ZeroMarkets

In my opinion, the best way to get started with ZeroMarket trading and how to start it is to learn everything you can before you open a live account. If you are completely new to this trading and want to find out what it is like, you can start with a demo account where you can trade virtual money. You don’t actually need any money to start trading Forex, but if you feel you have it under control, try our approach of opening demo accounts before risking your own capital.

If you are interested in trading but have a small budget, you should first learn the basics of risk management and develop the strategies you use in your demo account. Before you trade real money, we should make sure that you fully understand the fundamentals of trading, as well as the risks and benefits of trading with ZeroMarkets.

Get Started with ZeroMarkets

When choosing a broker, you should consider the number of currency pairs offered and the type of signals. Most online Forex signals tend to fall into a category that can consist of two types: signals and signals with a specific function. Each of these signal types is determined by the function it can have. They offer various elements of trading, including a variety of options, options trading, and trading in different currencies, as well as a number of other trading options.

ZeroMarket Account Types

ZeroMarket Account Types
ZeroMarket Account Types

There are two types of Accounts in ZeroMarket:

  • Standard Account
  • Super Zero Account

Standard Account

This Account is suitable for beginners as well as experienced people. The minimum deposit of the Standard account is A$200 with commission-free trading.

Super Zero Account

This type of accounts is suitable for all experienced people. It requires a minimum deposit of A$1000 with the required commission charges.


Fees & Commission

ZeroMarket accounts are account types that offer commissions – free trading with Forex pairs and are ideal for Forex strategies that include high-frequency scalping and day trading. This is also an excellent tool for calculating the difference between the bid and ask price of the currency and the total volume of trade.


The leverage in the ZeroMarket is between 1:1 to 1:500. One of the reasons brokers hold such a high leverage ratio is that currency fluctuations in foreign exchange markets usually do not exceed 1% during trading. Some traders are doing better, but new traders still have a difficult time getting a foothold in these markets.


This is regulated by ASIC-  The Australian Securities And Investments Commission. The Australian Securities And Investments Commission (ASIC) will be the operator of Australia’s markets and monetary services. ASIC helps to ensure Australia’s financial markets are both acceptable and transparent. ASIC is an independent Commonwealth Government body based on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act of 2001 (ASIC ACT).


  • Trading platforms like Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 are available.
  • Spreads at Zero pip.
  • 24*7 Customer Support.
  • Safe and Secure
  • Regulated by ASIC- Australian Securities and Investment Commission
  • High Leverage available up to 1:500.
  • Detailed information about the instruments.
  • Provides the tradeable assets in a wide range.


  • There is no transparency for the account fees.
  • Limited resources with limited features


  1. Who is the owner of ZeroMarket?

The owner of the ZeroMarket is  ZERO Financial Pty Ltd and regulated by ASIC- Australian Securities and Investment Commission since 2016.

  • Is there any swap-free account facility in ZeroMaket?

No, there is no swap-free account facility available on ZeroMarket.

  • Is ZeroMarket Legit or not?

Yes, ZeroMarket is completely legit because they are regulated under the ASIC authorities and have a huge amount of users since 2016.

  • What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit on the ZeroMarket is around $200.

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