TrioMarkets Review

TrioMarkets Review & Tutorial

TrioMarkets Review: TrioMarkets is an investment brokerage company under the brand name of “BENOR Capital Ltd”. The term Trio came from its three financial experts, highly experienced in British and Swiss Markets over 20 years, who established the company with all the skills and tactics they have earned over the years while having consistent success history in their career.

Straight Through Processing (STP)

Named after client order receipt, STP passes the received order right to the corresponding liquidity provider. STP as the name suggests the optimized transaction that boasts speed and avoidance of any interruption during dealing with the orders.

TrioMarkets proudly announce the highest consumer satisfaction being an STP broker which allows them to process the orders very effectively and in a timely way. Clients can trade without any restriction while the financial news is going unreasoning. Allowing clients to directly trade in the real market through Electronic Communication Network (ECN) ensures the best execution policy being more transparent.


TrioMarkets administrator firm “BENOR Capital Ltd” is registered as ECN/STP broker with 160496 registration digits. Financial Services Commission (Mauritius) licensed the company with number C118023678. Mauritius is a big name when comes to international trading especially through CFD on currency, commodities, indices, and stocks. The company is registered at office address- 5th Floor, The Core 62 EbeneCybercity, 72201.


TrioMarkets holds all the funds inside the Swissquote headquarters, Switzerland to ensure the best service possible will be provided with maximum security possible. Swissquote is a highly reputed bank having more than 500 employees with more than 250,000 clients across the globe generating a total of 150 million (CHF) revenue.

Products of TrioMarkets

From Crypto to indices, the company covers almost all assets that any client can use for trading effectively. All the supported markets are listed and elaborated briefly following:


With no chance of Wallet Hacks and free from concrete cold storage, Cryptos are easily the best choice for investing and trading. The company offers the crypto trades with tight spreads, leverage of 1:2, no deposit commission, reliable tools, and fast order executions.

They provide support for the Cryptocurrencies BITCOIN CFD, ETHEREUM CFD, ETHEREUM CFD, RIPPLE CFD.


Also known as FX, the foreign exchange market stands for buying and selling of currencies worldwide. As of Jan 2015, with a $4.8 trillion volume in a day, forex is the highest traded market in the world. The features attracting to forex trading are lightning-fast execution and opportunities during fluctuations.

The most common currency pairs offered are EUR/USD and USD/JPY with the minor pairs without USD like EUR/GBP or EUR/JPY. Exotic currency trades are also possible as USD/NOK.


Being rare and having high economic value, metals are undoubtedly precious. These physical commodities such as Gold and Silver have been always knowing as reliable assets to place the trade in. Bulletproof to crisis and unexpected volatility in the market.

Silver, Gold, Palladium, Platinum are metals that can be traded with TrioMarkets.


Any trade is incomplete without having indices as the assets to place orders. The combined portfolio of top company stocks from individual companies ends up being an index or indices. The utmost famous indices in the world are S&P 500, which is also used as a standard benchmark for all other markets.

With the TrioMarkets, clients can trade in indices like S&P 500, DJIA, NASDAQ, FTSE 100, DAX, CAC40.


TrioMarkets offers all sorts of accounts suitable for different needs for start and expert users. The following services are offered with the accounts:

  • No strategy limitations
  • Fifth Decimal Trading
  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platforms
  • Trade 63 currency pairs
  • Access to our online TrioAcademy
  • USD / EUR / GBP / CHF Base Currency
  • Trade Commodities, CFDs, and Indices
  • 24/5 Support

There are basically 3 types of accounts as Zero Commission, Advanced, Premium with having subcategory of Basic and Standard under the Zero Commission account.

Trading Platforms


TrioMarkets offers one of the best set of tools available to place your trading effectively in the market. These trading platforms make the trading experience seamless and more profitable overall.

The company provides multiple platforms to provide completely satisfied services to potential users. The following platforms are offered by the company:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • Expert Advisor
  • Mobile Trading
  • WebTrader
  • Fix API
  • VPS
  • PAMM

Reasons to trust TrioMarkets

TrioMarkets represents the company in 3 elements: Execution, Platforms, and Funding. The topmost priority and vision of the company will always be customer happiness as they are improving qualities as time passes. Some other features listed below are equally promising to look no further:

  • Ultra-Low Spreads, from 00
  • Minimum deposit as only $500
  • More than 10 funding methods
  • Hundred plus tradable instruments Fx leverage up to 1:500 m/s average execution speed of <86

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