Silver Trading 101

If you’re new to trading in silver, you need to know a few things first. First, understand the basics of trading and economics. Then, learn about CFDs, Futures contracts, Options, and Stop-loss orders. These are tools that help you speculate on the direction of the silver price. CFDs facilitate you to speculate on the price […]

Technical Analysis as A Practical Guide For Forex Trading

Technical analysis as a practical guide for forex trading can be a valuable resource for both novice and professional traders. This book provides a comprehensive overview of technical analysis and provides practical examples. It also includes chapters on seasonal effects, risk mitigation strategies, and testing systems. Using firsthand interviews with top traders, the author develops […]

Tips for Trading Volatility

In volatile markets, traders should create profit targets that are realistic and honor them. Losing trades can drain your mental capital. The key is to stay alive. In volatile markets, mental capital is more valuable than monetary capital. Therefore, traders should limit the number of trades they make. Moreover, traders should avoid trading volatility around […]

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