How Forex Traders Use ISM Data?

ISM data is an important indicator for currency traders. It is used to determine the strength of the US economy. If the number is higher than expected, the US dollar moves higher against other currencies. If the number is lower, the dollar weakens. If the number is equal to expectations, traders may take a neutral […]

A Quick Guide to Forex Trading & Life

You’ve heard of Forex trading, but are you sure about it? The Forex market is an accessible, technologically advanced market that allows you to trade at your own convenience. It’s important to understand what Forex trading is, as it’s the exchange of currencies. The world uses currencies to buy and sell products, and almost everyone […]

Backtesting Mistakes That Beginner Traders Make

In trading, it’s important to use relevant information to design a strategy. While it’s easy to confuse relevant information with information that hasn’t been released yet, it is crucial to keep relevant information in mind when backtesting a strategy. For example, quarterly earnings reports are released, as is unemployment data, so you need to take […]

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