Pivot Pinball Forex Day Trading Strategy

Pivot Pinball Forex Day Trading Strategy

Among the most common day trading strategies, the Pivot Pinball Forex Strategy has proven to be very profitable and easy to follow. It utilizes the same formulas that are used by professional day traders to generate a lot of profit. This strategy will also help you to neglect the most common mistakes that most beginners make.

RSI divergence

RSI divergence in pivot pinball forex day trading strategy is a very common technical indicator that forms before an uptrend break and begins to reverse. It occurs when the majority of the buyers and sellers are in the opposite direction. It’s important to be aware of its existence before you trade.

Typically, a divergence will appear in several candlesticks before the uptrend changes its direction. When a divergence occurs, traders expect that price will start to reverse. Using this technique, you can take advantage of a market trend by selling covered calls.

To identify RSI divergence, you get to be able to identify the difference between the price and the indicators. Specifically, you’ll need to see an increased low in price and a decreased high in the indicator. This can be accomplished with the help of any chart formation.

RSI is considered to be one of the best indicators when it comes to identifying the depth of a market. Its value ranges from zero to 100. It’s also a reliable measure of velocity.

S2/R2 levels

Using Pivot Pinball Forex Day Trading Strategy is a great way to identify patterns in price dynamics. The strategy combines Metatrader 4 indicators (and a template) to generate trading signals.

The main purpose of a pivot point is to show a support and resistance level. This is important in order to place a stop. An apt way to do this is to use a relative strength index on a 30-minute chart. The index can give you an indication of overbought or oversold conditions.

The Pivot Pinball Forex Day Trading Strategy uses S2/R2 levels as its cornerstones. These are a bit more complex than a basic Fibonacci pivot, but they do offer some valuable information.

The S2 and R2 levels are used to frame upper and lower limits for the trading day. Many traders will execute orders when the price approaches these levels. For this reason, it is imperative to know the specific value of each S/R level.

MT4 indicator(s)

MT4 trading platform

Using Pivot Pinball Forex Day Trading Strategy is a forex strategy that is designed to detect patterns of price dynamics. This is done by converting accumulated history data into trading signals. This approach makes it easier to identify range-bound environments.

For most traders, identifying support and resistance levels is a difficult task. In order to cultivate a profit in the forex market, it is important to know what those levels are. There are several ways to identify these levels. However, one of the best ways to find these levels is to use moving averages. This helps to find the correct time to buy or sell.

Another strategy involves looking for chart patterns at or near pivot points. If you see a pattern, it is likely that the price will break out to the left or right of the pivot point. When this happens, place a sell order. You should also consider entering a trade when the levels coincide.


Using the Pivot Pinball Forex day trading strategy template, you can transform historical data into trading signals. You can then apply those signals to any time frame. This allows you to quickly eyeball the risk as well as the reward of each trade.

The moment the market breaks out of a trading range, the Pivot Pinball indicator opens with a signal for the next day’s trading action. When the market reverts back to the range, the Signal is closed. You don’t want to carry a losing position overnight.

If the market reverts to a range, you can place a sell-stop order below the low of the first hour’s trading range. You should then sell when the price touches the resistance level plotted by the Pivot Point indicator.

A key aspect of the Pivot Pinball strategy is focusing on the S2 and R2 levels. These levels have a strong golden ratio. The strategy has been developed by traders Linda Raschke and Larry Connors.

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