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Technical Analysis as A Practical Guide For Forex Trading

Technical analysis as a practical guide for forex trading can be a valuable resource for both novice and professional traders. This book provides a comprehensive overview of technical analysis and provides practical examples. It also includes chapters on seasonal effects, risk mitigation strategies, and testing systems. Using firsthand interviews with top traders, the author develops […]

Types of Forex Execution Algorithms

There are a number of different types of forex execution algorithms. Some of these include Quantitative front-running, Liquidity-seeking, Arbitrage, and Spreading large orders. In this article, we look at the various types of forex algorithms and what they are used for. This article also provides some information about some of the strategies used by forex […]

How the Forex Market Functions?

The foreign exchange market is a global financial marketplace that allows currency and funds to be transferred from one country to another. The exchange market is an important part of international trade and facilitates the smooth flow of goods and services between countries. It works by providing short-term credit to importers so that they can […]

Brokerage Operations in Trading

Brokerage operations in trading encompass a wide range of processes and procedures. This article is based on a series 99 textbook, and it will help you to understand the different facets of this field. This article will cover topics such as Commissions, Order flow payment, and Tiered tenors. Whether you are in the beginning stages […]

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