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Consumer Confidence

The Consumer Sentiment Index is a measure of consumer confidence. It is published by a number of organizations in several countries. Inflation has been blamed for the decline in consumer confidence. Nevertheless, there are some good reasons to feel optimistic about the economy. The Consumer Sentiment Index is a good indicator of the health of […]

International Economy and Trading

International economy and trading involve the flow of goods and services from country to country. There are several different ways in which trade can be conducted. Some of these ways include bartering. For example, if a foreigner wanted to buy a Japanese car, he or she would need to exchange something of equal value. This […]

Silver Trading 101

If you’re new to trading in silver, you need to know a few things first. First, understand the basics of trading and economics. Then, learn about CFDs, Futures contracts, Options, and Stop-loss orders. These are tools that help you speculate on the direction of the silver price. CFDs facilitate you to speculate on the price […]

Development Impact Bonds

Development impact bonds are a performance-based investment instrument intended to fund development programs in low-resource countries. They are based on the social impact bond model and work by an investor providing upfront funding to an implementer of a program. The program implementer uses the funds to implement the program. The investor then pays the implementer […]

The Rise of Venezuelan Cryptocurrency

In recent years, Venezuela has become a pioneer in the use of cryptocurrency. However, its economy has been hit by hyperinflation and recession. Despite this, the country has adopted cryptocurrency rapidly. Aside from its potential as a means to fight hyperinflation, it could also give Venezuelans a sense of freedom from the government. Venezuela’s economy […]

Hard Brexit Vs Soft Brexit

The main differences between Hard Brexit and Soft Brexit concern the terms of trade. In a Hard Brexit, the UK would be leaving the single market & the customs union, resulting in increased bureaucratic checks on goods. In a Soft Brexit, the UK would continue to be part of the single market but would have […]

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