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How to Short a Currency?

Taking a short position in the currency market can be a very profitable way to make a profit. However, you have to keep in head that you are taking a risk in doing this. For example, you will have to pay interest payments on your shorted currency. Additionally, you will have to keep in mind […]

The Importance of Currency Pegs

Historically, currency pegs have been used for various reasons. They may have been a way to stabilize the value of the dollar or other currencies, or to ensure that the value of the currencies will be maintained at certain levels. However, today, they have become a major concern, especially with the rising inflation rate in […]

Different Types of Trading Styles

Among the different trading styles, of them are Positional, Day trading, Swing trading, and News trading. Regardless of which one you like, you need to learn about its advantages and disadvantages before you can start trading. Swing trading Regardless of the stock market mood, swing trading provides a great way to earn a few extra […]

Forex & Crypto

As a trader, you will probably experience hot and cold streaks at some point. They are not entirely predictable, but they will occur regardless of your strategy. In fact, a good part of trading involves learning to deal with psychological responses to these streaks. For example, some traders have strategies that have consistently won 90% […]

Future Micro-Based Exchange Rate Research in Trading

This article examines the future of micro-based exchange rate research in trading. It proposes trading strategies that maintain stable currency exchange rates by focusing on country-specific economic conditions, such as trade and financial opening. It also explores the microstructure of the market and the impact of competing customer orders. Market microstructure Future micro-based exchange rate […]

Price action patterns

Price Action patterns in trading involve identifying the correct entry points at strong levels. Using the key highs and lows in the chart, you can determine these levels. For short-term trends, this zone is called the 1/2 size zone. This area must be held by sellers and buyers before a trade can be entered. A […]

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