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In the forex market, there are several different types of traders. Each trader uses a unique trading technique to maximize profits. Swing traders, for example, are long-term investors who hold their trades for days or longer. Day traders, on the other hand, make their trades at the beginning of the day and don’t hold them overnight. Let’s discuss the different types one by one:

Position Trader

Position Trader

A position trader is a long-term investor. They typically hold a position for months or even years. They don’t monitor short-term movements and adhere to fundamental and economic models. A successful position trader follows an established strategy that focuses on longer-term trading, like analyzing interest rates or governmental decisions. Despite their shorter-term trading approach, scalpers are still the fastest and most aggressive forex traders. A position trader doesn’t care about the daily fluctuations in their trade positions. Instead, they follow existing trends and use technical analysis techniques to anticipate a high turnover. They often hold onto their currency pairs for months after the market session has ended. 

Swing Trader

Swing Trader

Swing traders are more active in the markets, and they aim to generate large amounts of profit through the use of smaller time frames. These traders prefer currency pairs that are more liquid and usually hold on to their positions for hours, minutes, or even days. They rely on small swings in the market to turn a profit. So, if you’re looking for a part-time career in the forex market, then you should become a swing trader.


There exist several different types of Forex traders. The most popular is scalping, but you can also find positions based on fundamental themes and news. While the scalping method is fast-paced, position traders rely on their long-term trades and stay on a single currency pair for several months. This type of trader can earn profits when governmental policies change. A scalper trader is a person who makes trading decisions based on a limited amount of information. They usually trade securities, commodities, or foreign exchange on a very small scale.

Day Trader

Day traders focus on predicting the market and are not interested in holding positions overnight. They are oriented toward the currency price range. The majority of day traders do not hold positions overnight. They focus on volatility and are constantly monitoring market trends. Their job is to make decisions based on economic data and to make the best trades within a day. A trading routine is a crucial factor in successful foreign exchange trading. The right timing will determine whether you get into profits or lose money.

These are the varied types of traders the forex market comprises. Now that you have gone through each of them, you can pick your style and conclude which one you are.

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