Blackwell Global ECN FOREX Broker Review

Blackwell Global ECN FOREX Broker Review

Blackwell Global ECN FOREX trading is the most recognized and trusted foreign exchange (forex) broker in the UK. It is one of the biggest trading companies in the world and has been active in the financial market for over thirty years. The company offers its customers various tools, software, and services that help them to trade on the foreign exchange market. It also uses several technologies to provide its customers with a high degree of convenience and security as well. In essence, it enables its clients to carry out electronic commerce online in a safe, secure, and convenient manner.

Blackwell Global Services

Blackwell Global Services

The company offers a number of services that can be availed by its customers. Forex traders have the option to open an account with Blackwell through which they can buy and sell currencies from any corner of the globe. Through this trading platform, one can also enter and exit trades without involving a broker, thus making it the best place to do forex trading. Apart from this, it also provides its users with a variety of tools, which helps them to make better decisions and increase their profits.

The customer-friendly features of this platform make it the most preferred choice for traders. It also provides the user with news and information about trading, so that they can stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry. This platform offers its clients various tools such as risk calculators, graphs and charts, to help them gauge their performance. They can also get access to live quotes, which are extremely helpful when dealing with large amounts of currency.

Blackwell Global ECN forex trading is actually one of the most popular forex platforms in the UK. It also offers a free trial membership to its members, which allows them to make their own evaluations and decision regarding the business before joining the platform. It is one of the most prominent brokers in the UK and has a lot of skilled professionals who work at its base. This platform also offers a variety of trading options to its clients. These options range from simple Forex day trading to complex Forex portfolio management.


A trader can choose between buying and selling of currencies. They can also trade in numerous currencies simultaneously. A trader can open an account with Blackwell Global ECN through its online trading account or via telephone. There is a one-time trading fee and no minimum balance required.

It is also very easy to find good advisors for their trading. There is a wide range of products on offer from advisors with free video tutorials, to full-service trading platforms. Once a trader signs up with the company, they will receive all updates and valuable information regarding the global markets. This way, a trader can learn how to make effective decisions and take their chances in the exchange market. The advantages of Blackwell Global ECN forex trading are numerous and can prove extremely useful for both experienced and inexperienced traders.


  • There is a Trading Diary facility is available in Blackwell Global.
  • Meta Trader 4 platform acceleration.
  • There is no commission in the trading.
  • It also provides ECN (Electronic Communication Network) accounts.


  • You need to pay a minimum of $250 deposit fees.
  • There are no choices available for multiple options.
  • This service is not available for United States clients.
  • Shares are also not available.


  1. Which payment methods are used by Blackwell Global?

Blackwell Global provides various Payment methods such as Credit card, Debit card, E-Wallet, Direct Bank transfer, including USD, GBP, EUR, and CHF.

  • Does Blackwell Global provide a Demo account facility?

It provides a Demo Account with a 30-Day free trial. This Demo Account is featured with the real-time data stream and trading accessibility. It also provides a live trading environment with all the trading skills. There is also a virtual fund feature in this service.

  • What are the additional features provided by Blackwell Global?

This platform is available with additional features such as E-books, Educational Guides, Training Articles, Technical analysis, Meta Trading 4 indicators, and the Trading Bootcamp for free webinars. In addition, it also provides a Trading diary, MT4 accelerator, a correlation matrix, and the economic calendar for all the latest information.

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