ATC Broker Review

ATC Broker Review

ATC Broker Review: ATC Broker is the best MetaTrader 4 trading platform that offers various trading services. This article is about ATC Broker and its benefits with account types, Bonus offers, Extra Benefits, etc. Read the article and get the latest information about ATC Broker.

About ATC Broker

The ATC Broker was established in London in 2012. Brokers Ltd is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK under license No. It provides various services to all the traders connected to them.

It is also regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) under license number 1448274. Under regulatory requirements, ATC Brokers holds retail deposits in a separate bank account. The account is managed by Barclays Bank plc, a highly rated British bank with over 300 years of experience in operations in over 50 countries. ATC Brokers offers over 50 different instruments for trading, including 38 currency pairs.

Customers from all over the world can use ATC Brokers to start trading forex. However, this practice is excluded in some countries where the OFCA lists other jurisdictions where the rules are somewhat stricter.

Account Type

ATC Brokers have two types of accounts: Individual and Joint Accounts. Individual and joint accounts accept micro-plots, 0.1 plots or standard plots. The minimum lot size you can trade is 0.05% of the 5,000 lots, and these accounts have a maximum trade size.

Users can apply for an account by sending personal information and ID. Applications must be reviewed and approved by ATC Brokers before users can fund their accounts and start trading. ATC brokers check their account options on their website.

They also offer telephone and e-mail customer support to address any questions or concerns customers may have about the trade.

Extra Benefits

Brand functionality: All ATC brokers support STP (Order Execution) and offer a deal desk environment. Deal desk environment means that the broker passes orders from clients to liquidity providers; brokers on the deal desk are often referred to as market makers or bet traders.

They take advice from too many sources and try to adopt different strategies without adequately analyzing the situation. Instead of understanding all the forex trading reviews, many traders commit mistakes and lose their money.

Bonus Offers

New traders who want to see the ATC broker’s performance, risks, and benefits can get a test trading account. A 20-day free demonstration platform with simulated 100,000 dollars is available. The great thing about ATC brokers is that their pricing models, contract diversity, differences with other products offer the opportunity to speculate on price differences between indices, commodities and currencies, as well as excellent trading conditions.

There is no system to insure deposits from traders in ATC broker trading accounts. ATC brokers do not use deposits from traders in their daily business. If the funds are held in this way, investors will get the money back if the broker goes bankrupt. If the broker fails to do so, eligible customers will receive compensation.

Referral Bonus

Payment and transaction fees: ATC brokers charge fixed fees for accounts that have completed transactions over a continuous period of 6 months. The rest fee is usually less than 50% of the account currency unit and account balance unit.

The minimum deposit is the minimum amount required by the ATC broker to open a new online brokerage account with him. ATC Broker requires a minimum deposit of £5,000 (USD) to open its trading account. Don’t be put off by the broker as it only requires a minimum deposit in open trading accounts.

MetaTrader 4

ATC Broker MetaTrader
ATC Broker MetaTrader

A broker is provided by MT4 Trading, one of the most popular Forex CFD traders and brokers. MT4 has been around since 2005, and finally, its clean interface, countless tools and ability to support other apps has enhanced its capabilities. Several expert consultants (EAs) are available to automate the trading process. It has many indicator reporting tools and signalling services.

ATC brokers’ information about their deposits and withdrawals on their website should be correct, and there should be no discrepancies in their transactions. This saves the trader complaints and backlash against the payment that other brokers have witnessed. 

Is it Safe?

Regulation and deposit protection are essential areas for our review as investors want to know whether the ATC broker can be trusted to keep their funds safe. But regulation is not the only measure of a platform’s trustworthiness. ATC brokers have been active in the Forex scene since 2005, and our review examines their reputations to get a better impression of them.

The platform also offers its customers teaching materials and tools. We say that it is a safe and stable platform for traders. It has the potential to unleash its work, despite its apparent weaknesses. We said it needed $5,000 for trading and higher prices.

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