AskoBID Review

AskoBID Review – Real or Scam?

AskoBID Review: AskoBID is a famous trading platform that provides various trading services with the latest features and instruments. This article will give you all the information related to AskoBID with its benefits such as account types, Extra Benefits, Bonus offers, Referral bonuses, commissions, and many more. Read the article and get all the information about AskoBID.

About AskoBID

The AskoBID broker platform was established in 2009. It offers various services and instruments to its users. AskoBID is an online forex trading review service that is free to use. This is one of several forex trading review services offered on the internet these days. I decided to use this service to find out how this company operates and help me make some money in the forex market.

Askobid is not a licensed or regulated broker. Automated trading robots are prevalent, and there are hundreds to choose from (see below) how to use commercial robots, what you know about 99% of them, how to get rich quickly, and learn more.

Account Types

They provide four types of trading accounts:

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Gold
  • VIP

Askobid offers a standard 21-day free demo account course that traders can use. Although it has some limitations, it allows you to know the trading environment and your trading strategy.

This account is the flagship account available on Askobid. It is a very individual account designed for high net worth clients. The account holder receives a specialized account manager and a fixed spread. All possible trading advantages of the account corresponding to 100% of its value.

Extra Benefits

  • Askobid’s revocation process is very efficient, but be sure to send the application document before trying to withdraw to avoid possible delays in processing.
  • Deposits under $10K are processed by default and can take up to ten minutes to get the money into the account.
  •  Payment methods on AskOBid for Forex include wire transfers, major credit cards, Moneybookers, and users can use up to 30 additional e-wallets.
  • The website supports English, Arabic, and German languages and accepts deposits up to Euro.
  • They provide access to TradingView.

Bonus Offers

Askobid offers new customers a 50% deposit bonus. News about future trades can be found on the broker’s website. Our review of the website and platform has revealed several concerns about transparency and regulation. Online customer reviews also complain of being scammed by the broker.

Referral Bonus

Cysec and ASIC regulations mean that Askobid must adhere to strict guidelines for handling deposits and withdrawals. This can lead to a slower process for deposits under $10,000, but it does mean a higher level of security for those who want to invest in AskObid.

The minimum deposit with Askobid is 250 Euro. The client downloads a withdrawal form for withdrawals, which he can fill in by e-mail from the broker. The withdrawal authorization will take a maximum of 3-7 days after completion and the subsequent transfer to the customer account.

The deposit area looks unprofessional, if not incompetent, with a sizeable advanced cash button for clicking. The FAQ states that deposit options include the choice of e-wallets such as Skrill. Still, such merchant-preferred alternative options (Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller) are not available in the deposit area. When we looked at the details, we found the following Paycent options: Open in a new window The amount we were billed was $280.26 (more than 30 euros), with a surcharge of 250 euros on the deposit account, and the CECA option was not available due to maintenance work on the gateway.

MetaTrader 4

AskoBID Trading Platform
AskoBID Trading Platform

Askobid also offers its proprietary platform called MetaTrader4. This platform is web-based and offers the advantage that customers can log in and trade from any computer anywhere in the world with low bandwidth.

For a company to offer financial services of any kind, it must have the relevant license. Despite its website and terms and conditions, it is not clear whether it operates a website. The Financial Conduct Authority has warned the public that Askobid is registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines, an island in the Pacific that is a popular place for writing unregulated trading companies.

Askobid claims to be licensed and regulated in Europe by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CESEC) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) under the Market in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), which implies that trading in them is safe. However, there is no evidence that active traders using Askobids services have switched to alternative brokers, and the reasons for this are unclear. Askobid also claims it complies with SEC and ASIC regulations but is not regulated by any respected authorities, putting traders at risk.

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