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AGEA Review


AGEA Review: One of the first things a potential trader needs to do with a broker like Aetos Capital Group is to trade securely. No one is sure what is the benchmark for measuring a broker’s safety, and there is no established regulator or supervisor of brokerage activity.

Based on this evaluation, one can conclude that Agea offers many special programs for its customers. Beginners and professional traders have a great opportunity to optimize their returns. Newcomers can benefit from the Agea Deposit Bonus.

Age services are offered on several different trading platforms. AGEA offers different types of trading accounts to suit the needs of many investors. All AGEA accounts are Sharia-compliant. They have a zero-interest policy on open positions, the accumulation of overnight interest on transactions, and no standard trading platform. Registration is completed immediately with rapid acceptance and a quick start of trading.

Extra Benefits

Agea recommends its proprietary platform Streamster to new merchants because it is easy to use and feature-rich. Streamster is available in seven currencies and has its API for algorithmic trading. The Streamster platform is available for download for Windows and Mac PCs.

It appears to be the same characteristic, but no further information has been provided. Streamster is the primary trading platform for Agea with limited investment choices but supports automated trading via an API equipped with chart packs and chart trading capabilities. The presentation is bad for traders, and there is no clear indication of the various features of the platforms.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4

Support for the MT4 trading platform is provided in a basic version and requires third-party plugins that may be required to unlock its full potential. Agea should offer its foreign exchange and CFD trading services through a global customer. You can find simple and detailed information about brokers here. For account information about Forex demo accounts, Streamster, Standart, MT4 Cent, and MT4 Plus are offered, brokers. Using our trading platform, you can use certain services that we offer free of charge and others billed to you according to the prices listed below. To trade on our live trading desk or pay for non-free services, you must deposit money into your Agea account.

All client funds held by Agea are stored in a separate bank account with a local or international bank by the relevant laws and regulations. The convenience of traders is enhanced by the safety of funds in Agea. Age offers its services on several trading platforms.

It does not charge any deposit or external handling fees. The minimum deposit method is $1, making it accessible to brokers and new traders. Withdrawals can be made using the same method as deposits. Agea charges a 7 percent withdrawal fee on the first withdrawal by wire transfer and a 10 percent fee on each withdrawal by wire transfer.

Account Types

The Agea demo account is a great way to try out trading on the same terms as a live account. It has up to $10,000 in virtual capital. Access to the demo account is only available to merchants who want it, with the amounts per user request falling below $2,000.

The minimum transaction size is $0.01 per lot, with a maximum of $100 per lot. The maximum leverage ratio is limited to 1: 100, but trading on Agea has significant advantages compared to EU-regulated brokers. New traders might want to consider the practice of a cent account using real cash, while the Agea account uses virtual currency.

As a new broker, many of its websites and services don’t meet the standard, but it may be worth switching for those with a small deposit in their account. It warns potential traders that foreign exchange and CFD trading carries a high risk and is not suitable for all investors. It is not regulated by reputable authorities and is referred to as an offshore broker.

The overnight rates charged if a position is held for more than a day are calculated using the MT4 platform offered by Agea. Agea provides customer service through sophisticated online facilities. The quickest and most reliable way to contact and talk to Agea is to use the live support button on the broker’s website or the support channel on the trading platform.

Filling out the online application form and providing the due diligence documents takes about 5 minutes. Once you have completed the application and opened your account, you can check broker prices, the payment options list, and regulatory disclosures. You can also read Ageas’s policies and procedures listed on its website. Once your account is verified, you can deposit it into your account and start trading on the platform.

A requires a minimum deposit of £1 (USD) to open an Agea trading account. A minimum deposit is the minimum amount needed by Agea to open a new online broker account on the platform.

Bonus Offers

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is being created on a new version of the blockchain with different rules. For new brokers, Agea offers a limited range of assets. There are 17 currency pairs, two commodities, and six indices presented on Ageas “proprietary MT4 Trading Platform, which offers 45 currency pairs.

You can chat with traders, and they can express their thoughts. In short, especially when the market is as thin as it is today. If you want to trade, you should know the volatility and when changes in interest rates occur, and what they affect.

Referral Bonus

Suppose you open a long position by buying a market instrument at $12,938 (quantity of $10,000), and a few hours later, you close the position by selling the same market instrument for $12,952 (same quantity of $10,000). These two trades bring you a profit of $1,252 ($12,952 / 12,9 38.38 = $10,000 = $1400). We can say that these two trades give you a 14 point profit.

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