AETOS Review

AETOS Review

AETOS Review: AETOS is a regulated broker in two major jurisdictions and meets different trading conditions due to certain regulatory obligations. Traders operating under the European FCA rules will exercise limited leverage (maximum 1 / 30) on foreign exchange instruments. Australian customers trading AU-AETOs are entitled to a higher leverage ratio (1 / 400).

Account Types

AETOS Account Type
AETOS Account Type

When using the general Aetos account, the minimum trade size available is 0.01 lot (referred to as micro-lot), which is the industry standard. Aetos mentions debt capital several times on its website, but we have not been able to find any factual information on what debt financing is offered. In online reviews of its clients, we found that the maximum leverage is between 1% and 200%, but we are not sure that these facts are true and cannot confirm this.

Bonus Offers

AETOS offers variable spreads on both its general account and its transaction costs. You can find the full list of typical spaces offered on its available assets here. As we see, some spreads seem to be quite high. For example, for the popular Euro / USD forex pair, the typical margin is 1.8% above the industry standard of 10-15 pips.

Also, you must take into account the swap rollover rate, which is calculated for positions opened on an opening day. Due to trading conditions and the spreads that AETO builds up, its costs vary, and feeds can sometimes be quite liquid, with spaces as high as 0.0 pips. To see the typical costs, compare the AETOs fees to those charged by popular brokers such as AxiTrader.

Aetos merchants must deposit at least $250 into a general account and $1,000 into an advanced version. All payment methods except Visa are free of charge. Customers can deposit money into their trading accounts via bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, or digital wallets such as Skrill or Neteller.

Extra benefits

Different currency options are advantageous as there are no conversion fees when using an account in your currency. Opening a trading account on Aetos is easy and takes only a few minutes. They will deposit the money into your trading account, which bears the same name as your AETOS trading account.

All transactions are recorded, audited, and reported to the regulator. Aetos assures that customer funds are held in separate bank accounts and are not used for purposes other than that of the broker. International banks have different bank accounts at peak interest rates.

Aetos is a reputable foreign exchange brokerage company with its core principles of fairness, efficiency, intelligence, and customer-first philosophy. Traders who like the MetaTrader platform can choose MetaTraders4 or MetaTrade5 platform from AETOS. Ltd.

AETOS is a leading Australian broker specializing in financial products and trading services. Aetos Capital Group, an Australia-based broker, is one of the latest trading providers to launch the MetaTrader 5 trading platform, platform maker Metaquote. The new platform is the newest version of Metaquotes flagship electronic forex trading platform (Forex).

Customer Retention

Customers with AETOS credentials can access financial markets with Metatrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5), using industry-leading technology designed to optimize the trading experience. Meta Trading Platform is a popular trading platform that meets traders of different levels of experience.

Aetos Capital Group offers the best trading environment for all types of traders, from beginners to advanced. Demo accounts are offered by brokers and companies and funded with virtual money, allowing potential customers to experiment with the companies “trading platforms and feature sets without a real account funded with their actual money. Its operated by the FCA and Foriegn Exchange department.

The group is a global provider of foreign exchange contracts for differences (CFDs), which offers its customers access to competitive prices in a wide range of markets. It has a global presence, including the economic powerhouses of London, the UK, and Shanghai, China. 

Referral Bonus

The Australian branch of Aetos offers a redeemable deposit and entry bonus. Depending on the amount deposited, a reward of up to $20,000 will be paid out. The prize will be redeemable if the customer meets the volume and trading requirements within seven months of opening an account.

It is not very high, but there is a reasonable increase in foreign exchange liquidity flow and allows traders to engage in large-scale foreign exchange transactions. The sum is low enough to make optimistic new inexperienced traders not question too much. The Hcym markets and the past HY markets initially required 100% of their customers. In some cases, other UK-based financiers charge much less. The extreme use of AETOs in the UK is around 1 / 200, which is the business-standard.

Trade articles, e-books, videos, lessons, platforms, tutorials, glossaries, and other academic resources to help beginners. You can also find the AETOS Trading Academy on the Aetoss website. Managers can focus on their trading strategy to maximize investor returns.

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