ADS Securities Review

ADS Securities Review


ADS Securities: These accounts have flexible lot sizes, from a micro lot to a standard lot (MT4) on the Orex trading platform. The common feature of ADS is the support of specific accounts for asset managers and fund managers to trade and monitor their clients through MAMs and PMAMs. Different companies offer accounts on other bases at ADS, as regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions require special follow-up arrangements.

The departure of key personnel of this caliber is significant for ADS Securities, including the recent release of former BNP Paribas Prime Brokerage graduate Louisa Kwok from the company less than a year ago. In October last year, James Watson, CEO of ADS Securities London, resigned due to simultaneous structural changes. At the time, Watson confirmed that the consolidation would not affect ADS “ability to serve customers or expand its business, and he remained a member of the ADS Board of Directors.

Extra Benefits

Users can act on the MT4 platform, which follows standard encryption protocols and uses two-stage verification for authorized traders. There is a minimum deposit of $100 for demo accounts to ensure that the broker is accessible to beginners. The broker provides a decent range of instruments and tools for AD securities with tight spreads and a leverage ratio of 1% to 500%. The broker is not transparent about the security measures used on the platform.

ADS Securities was part of a failed bond issue involving Etihad Airways and EA Partners. Investigators are investigating the failed deal. EA Partners issued the first batch of junk-rated bonds totaling $700 million in September 2015. They helped to build structure and sell the bonds to Goldman Sachs.

Bonus Offers

The color bar below shows the competitive spreads of AD Securities compared to other popular brokers found on brokerage notes. Like most brokers, AD Securities takes a fee per spread, which is the difference between an instrument’s purchase and sale price. Commission spreads are displayed based on the minimum margin listed on their website.

Expect top-notch regulated brokers, bonuses, and promotional offers to feature in the ads. Traders can experience live spreads and prices in a simulated practice account, which is ideal for beginners who want to browse the MT4 platform without downloading and for experienced traders who wish to polish their strategies. The report can be used on desktop, phone, or tablet devices, and users can receive a credit of up to $50,000 in virtual merchandise.

Referral Bonus

Unlike ADS Securities competitors, the Elite account resembles a VIP account that requires a $200,000 deposit and more than $500 million in trading per month but comes with perks such as discounted spreads. In the classic version, the minimum deposit has been reduced to $100, making it more affordable for conservative traders but with a higher reach than

Account Types

ADS Securities Account Type
ADS Securities Account Type

Elite accounts. The target range falls to 1.6 pips in both euros and US dollars. ADS is authorized by two Tier 1 regulators, who are trusted to the utmost. It is also approved by a tier 2 regulator with an average trust of zero and a tier 3 regulator, which has the lowest confidence. ADS neither acts nor acts as a bank.

Advertising papers offer STP execution, so you can expect tighter spreads and more transparency about the price you pay to execute your trade. As a market maker, ADS securities have a lower entry requirement than ECN brokers and benefit from a higher trading volume and a higher minimum capital requirement. Market makers also have lower minimum deposits, lower minimum trading requirements, and no commission for transactions.

Sevice Support and Process

ADS screening process with FinScans advanced on-going monitoring enables secure onboarding of new accounts and integration into its CRM system. ADSS also uses FinCAN’s intelligent matching technology to view watch lists and comply with local and international regulations.

The general broker proposal is guided by the different trading needs of various accounts and is tailored to each type and its benefit for other versions. ADS MT4 has developed a meta-quota enriched trading solution with liquidity and price support through ADS Community Source Indicators (ASEs). Everyone can be able to get their platform on various OS like WIndows , Linux , Mac and Android.

You can also get the Personalized server to build your own centralized network for real-time data analytics and investment.


Here we can conclude that ADS Securities is one of the most advanced and Secure Trading Platform with higher returns on profit, and you can also get the best leverage rates on every investment that are processed on this platform. You can also enroll in the affiliate program of ADS Securities for various extra benefits like Earn per referral Share. You can also get around $500 per lot commission on each share. If you want some bug-free and Real-time analytics-based Trading Platform, then you can choose this platform for your revenue-making strategy.

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