ActivTrades Review

ActivTrades Review


ActivTrades Review: ActivTrades is a leading UK-based international brokerage firm offering a web-based electronic trading platform to execute Forex, CFD, and equity trading. It provides online services to institutional and retail traders through the various electronic trading platforms, namely, Activator, Flexcit, and Supra Forex. It also offers online demo accounts and advice on setting up automated trading systems. Its website is home to several articles written by its esteemed authors and industry experts. The company also publishes marketing and commercial brochures and journals.

In ActivTrades, it uses the MT4(MetaTrader 4), which is the most basic Forex trading State-of-the-art technology used today. It simply enters the market and immediately starts analyzing the market trend. It can determine the short-term, medium-term, and long-term market trends. Based on the analysis, it gives an overall score to the chosen trading option. After selecting an option, it informs the trader of the expected performance of the currency in the given time frame.

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ActivTrades Platform
ActivTrades Platform

Another program in the range is Flexcit, which is supposed to be the next best thing in the evolution of Forex trading robots. The creator of this program claims that it can beat the best robots in the market. But does it make such a claim? And, more importantly, does it work as advertised?

Flexcit is also available within the ActivTrades in Indicators of live Analytics and Stock data prediction. However, it may just be the best in the long run if it can beat the best. This system is available only with an investment of funds as of this writing. The creator, however, claims that this trading system can give returns faster than what would be expected based on the speed with which computers can analyze the market trends. The software can also evaluate the volume of orders placed and the direction they are heading in within a certain period.

Bonus Benefits

Aside from this, it is also equipped with algorithms that will determine the most suitable option for investors in terms of investing. It will analyze the current trend of the market. This is different from other robots in that it considers the movement of the market based on the available information instead of basing its decision on some pre-conceived ideas. It will look into the economic data around the world and make necessary adjustments to the set rate. It will be able to note all possible factors influencing the movement of the market and come up with a working analysis.

ActivTrades MT4 does not require any updates like other systems. It is a plug-and-play system, so there is no need for installation. However, users should still take note that the software is a dynamic one and is updated regularly. If you do not want to wait for the update, you can also purchase an activation license. Just be sure that you are getting your money’s worth, as activation licenses are generally limited to a one-off payment.

Account types

  • Institutional Accounts
  • Islamic Accounts
  • Pro
  • Professional

Referral Bonus

You will get the Referral Bonus in Percentage as a commission after Share the Referral Link to anyone. You will immediately reach the Amount per lot after the new account is registered under your referral link.

Another Element is the Forex robot that is very user-friendly and does not require high skills for operation. It is very intuitive, so even a beginner will have no trouble running it. It also has an inbuilt scheduler that will allow the robot to be easily modified according to the trader’s needs. The user interface is very sleek and clean, so many experts consider it easy to use. It does not have many complicated icons or graphics, which means that it will appeal to even a novice.

However, it is also compatible with many foreign currency pairs, which allows it to be used regardless of what type of trader you are. It can also be used in a demo account before going live and dealing with real money. This is a good investment because it is one of the most user-friendly software systems in the market today.

Final Words

There are many Platforms are available for Trading. Still, ActivTrades is one of the best Trading platforms across the Region, which gives trading opportunities with some Islamic state trading accounts features. They can also trade with different accounts using the same platform and services with ease.

Also, you can learn some new State of the Art technology for Trading like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. These are the most effective trading Solutions that give you the best and Higher profit amounts based on your Leverage rates. Also, you will get the VPS Hosting for higher-level computing power and Own Server space for storing and analyzing the Real-time Data.

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